Thank you for choosing Jrumz Luxury Custom Ear Wear. We've created a VIP experience just for you. Here's how it works.


1. Visit the Jrumz online store to order your custom earpieces. You will receive a confirmation email and emailed receipt when your order is submitted along with next steps. For instructions on where to send your impressions, please see Step 2.

2. Once you place your order, a representative from our client services team will contact you and schedule an appointment for the same day or at a future date with one of our preferred Audiologists. Our preferred Audiologist will create custom impressions of your ears. Once your impressions are created, please take 3 pictures of the ear impressions and email them to for approval. Once approved, we will send a self addressed shipping label to the Audiologist via email. The Audiologist will ship your ear impressions directly to our factory for production.

3. Once we receive your ear impressions,  we will begin processing and production. The Jrumz factory will utilize a 3-D image of your ear canals to conduct an 11 step process hand-crafting your custom earpieces. This process could take 7-14 business days depending on the availability of the product. In special cases, we may need to perform addiitonal steps to customize your molds. Once produced, earpieces are placed in special packaging and ready to be shipped. You will receive an email notification when your Jrumz earpieces are on the way!

For questions regarding this process, please send an email directly to us at


​Ear Impression Appointments are available in several cities across the U.S. In some areas, the  appointment is  provided by independent Audiologists. We are adding more locations on a daily basis. If you do not see your area listed below, please notify us and we will be happy to find a location just for you. Visit our Locations page for a list of our current locations. 


​In order for us to create your unique custom earpiece, we will need to have an impression of your ears created by an Audiologist.  Jrumz has partnered with expert Audiologists who specialize in taking a good ear impression in a safe manner. You should not attempt to take your own ear impressions. Once we have an impression of your ear on file, it remains on file for 5 years. For a video on how ear impressions are created, please see below. For questions, on ear impressions, please send an email to