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$249.99 (excludes sales tax)

Best for: Everyone.
These are our most popular earphones and are great for everyone. From zoom calls to to a run in the park, the Expression Plus is the earphone you need to get you through your busy day. The Expression Plus is a hybrid device with an interchangeable blue tooth adapter and 3.5mm wired cable.  

  • 10 driver system

  • 48 hour battery life

  • Active noise cancellation

  • Rechargeable case

  • Ergonomic Fit

  • Interchangeable bluetooth adapter and  3.5 mm wired cable included

  • Interchangeable small, medium, large earphone tips included

  • Connect to your bluetooth enabled devices

  • Designed with a 24 ohms impedeance and 109 dB sensitivity.

Here's why Expression Plus Wireless is the Best Luxury Earphone for Daily Use

1. Hybrid Technology is ideal for work calls.

In this new world of zoom meetings, bluetooth technology is typically the way to go. While wireless earphones are key to getting through the day hands free, you just never know when you will need a set of wired earphones. Our team at Jrumz understands this. That's why we created the Expression Plus. The Expression Plus is the first hybrid earphone on the market with an interchangeable wired and wireless adapter feature. With Jrumz you'll never have to transition between two sets of earphones again.  


2. Excellent sound clarity is great for music.

Jrumz was designed by a team of expert audiologists that understood the key to enjoying music lies in the sound clarity not loudness. While typical earbuds contain 1 driver in each ear, each Jrumz earpiece has 5 drivers for a total of 10 drivers sound quality.

3. They don't fall out when in motion. 

Jrumz has a comfortable fit that isn’t disrupted while in motion. The earpiece is connected to a bluetooth adapter that comfortably secures your earphones behind your ears. The earpiece comfortably and securely sits in your ear canal. The lightweight structure and overall feel of Jrumz are an upgrade from the silicone texture of Beats and the heavy plastic shell that make up Airpods. 

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$249.99 (excludes sales tax)